Sixth Form


Sixth Form Careers

Our students have access to a wide and increasing number of careers in today's world. It is important that they are equipped for the changing needs of the modern world where a job is no longer necessarily 'for life.'

Following on from a comprehensive careers programme lower down the school, Sixth Form Careers concentrates mainly on the next step for most of our pupils - higher education. Students attend a variety of pre-university courses and 'Careers Days' held locally and nationally as well as visiting universities for open days and visits. They attend the UCAS Higher Education Conference at Reading University where, as well as going to the lectures of their choice, they attend a 'University Fair' where representatives of most of the 120 universities in the UK set up stands and give out prospectus. We also hold our own Higher Education Evening for Lower Sixth students and their parents where an expert speaker advises on how to choose universities and advice is given on the completion of the on-line UCAS form.

Careers lessons in the Sixth Form focus on the applications procedure. Each student is given extensive help in filling out their UCAS form and choosing the universities that are the most appropriate. The interview process is explored and practised and each student is given a 'mock' interview. Specialist help is given to those pupils applying to Oxbridge and for subjects such as law, medicine and veterinary medicine. Students are able to attend the Oxford and Cambridge Universities Fair as well as attending local courses. Students are prepared for Oxbridge interviews as well as admissions tests such as LNAT, ELAT, etc. Additional help is available in mid-August when the A-Level results are published. Staff are available in school at this crucial time and are able to help and advise students.

We are proud of the high success rate of our students in gaining admission to the university of their choice.

The Careers Library

During their school career pupils will meet key milestones at Year 9, Year 11 and Years 12 and 13. Our Careers Library is designed to help students meet these key decisions points in an informed way.


Two publications which assist with making those all important decisions are, firstly Decisions at 13/14+: A guide to all your options. The publication lists each GCSE in turn; what you will study and how it links to a future career. Secondly, Choosing your GCSEs & other post-14 options, published by Trotman, which follows a similar format and also links further into A-Levels. Reference copies of both publications are available to consult in the Library.


The Library contains a comprehensive set of University and College prospectus. These are organised in alphabetical order according to location. In addition, we hold a selection of University guides from overseas.

The Times Good University Guide and The Guardian University Guide both provide useful introductions to Universities and are handy guides to use in conjunction with individual prospectus.

UCAS has produced a friendly guide to Universities entitled Open days and taster courses & education conventions. Universities do have limited places for both open day and taster days so it is well to book in advance.

Material is also available to help pupils complete their UCAS forms, particularly filling out personal statements.

A Gap Year

If students wish to take time out to pursue another interest before moving on to college or University, our Library contains brochures on gap year opportunities. A number of guides are available including Your Gap Year: Everything you need to know to make your year out the adventure of a lifetime.


The Library contains material on a wide variety of possible careers, ranging from performing arts and textiles to pursuing a degree in science or engineering. We also hold a selection of guides published by VT Lifeskills as part of their Working in series.

All resources can be found in the Careers Library next to the Senior Library. If you are unable to find what you are looking for then please ask the Librarian.