Supervised Study

We hold Supervised Study sessions in the school library for all pupils from Year 5 upwards.  Year 5 & 6 students join the group from 17.00 whilst Year 7 upwards commence at 16.15. 

By staying on at school to do their homework, pupils are able to take full advantage of our extensive library and ICT facilities.

Attendance at Supervised Study is booked at the beginning of each term. If the pupil is unable to attend a booked session parents are asked to let the school know in advance.

Study Details for Years 7 to 11 (inclusive):


The Library


16.15 - 18.30   Study Time

Times of leaving study:

Students can be collected at any time up until 18.30.


The charge for Supervised Study is £2.50 per half hour or part thereof, commencing at 16.15.  Children not collected by 18.30 will incur a charge of £10.00 per half hour or part thereof.