The Junior School Curriculum covers Years 1 and 2, KS1 and Years 3 to 6, KS2.  

A brief summary of subjects taught is listed below.

Subjects studied:

Art and Design:

Developing creativity and imagination through a wide variety of artistic skills, materials, tools and techniques.


Developing reading and writing skills to encourage a love of books and a high level of understanding of both the mechanics and creativity of the written word.

French/ Spanish:

The emphasis is on the fun and enjoyment of discovering, learning and speaking a different language. This progresses to the reading and writing of simple French or Spanish.


Pupils progress from investigating their own local area, to gaining knowledge and understanding of other countries and the people who live there.


Researching information and evidence of past times - learning and experiencing through themed days about past cultures.


Developing confident keyboard and computer skills, and an understanding of internet use, as a research and communication tool.


Developing a good understanding of number work through games and activities, leading to excellent mental skills and confidence when working with numbers.


Developing an understanding of music through listening skills, composing, performance and research.

Physical Education:

Developing a positive attitude towards physical activity and a healthy lifestyle through fun and enjoyment in dance, gymnastic and games activities.

Religious Education:

Developing an understanding not only of the Catholic tradition, but of other faiths and beliefs through the topics within the ‘God Matters’ programme for Years 1 – 4 and ‘ The Way, the Truth and the Life’ for Years 5 and 6.


Discovering Science through experiments, investigation and evaluation - developing an understanding of themselves and the world around them through scientific eyes.

"Education through independent learning and creative teaching"