Early Years


Nursery and Reception - The Early Years Foundation Stage


Queensmead Windsor Nursery is able to provide care for children aged 2-4 years and is registered for Nursery Education funding, enabling families to utilise 30 hours of funding towards their childcare arrangements. Children may join the Nursery once they have celebrated their second birthday.

Session Times

Morning Session:  08.30 - 11.30

Morning with Lunch:  08.30 - 11.45

Afternoon Session:  12.30 - 15.30

Full Day:  08.30 - 15.30

Parents may choose the combination of days and sessions that best suits the needs of themselves and their child.  The nursery is open throughout the whole year.

Summary of the findings of the ISI inspection of The Early Years held in September 2013:

Relationships with parents are outstanding.

In discussion with Inspectors, parents expressed their satisfaction with all aspects of the setting, particularly the family atmosphere created by the caring staff and the interaction with older pupils.


The children move into the Reception Class in the September after their fourth birthday.

Reception Hours:  08.30 - 15.30

Summary of the findings of the ISI Inspection of The Early Years held in September 2013:

The setting makes good provision in meeting the needs of the range of children who attend.  Most learning areas are vibrant and well resourced, providing children with a stimulating learning environment.

Happily into School

By providing a happy start to school life in our specially built and equipped Chanel House, Queensmead School Windsor nurtures a real enthusiasm for learning. Our children benefit from the encouragement and reassurance that are so important to small children setting off into the big wide world.

Safe and Sound

In our secure and caring environment, children feel safe to experiment and to explore their talents. They grow in confidence and motivation, and with lots of individual attention they build on their early reading skills, develop a basic understanding of numbers and a rich, creative imagination.

Fun and Games

The School ensures that learning is fun by providing an ideal balance of work and play. Each child is valued as she or he develops socially, intellectually and physically. Children forge firm friendships and enjoy joining in the many school opportunities in Physical Education, Spanish, Drama and Music.  Ballet and Rugby are offered as a co-curricular activities.

A Watchful Eye

With an ideal pupil-teacher ratio and facilities and resources specifically designed for their age group, Queensmead School Windsor children’s early experience of school is a rewarding one. Their individual development is closely monitored as they progress towards the next stage.

Nursery* and Reception

In Chanel House there are both girls and boys up to the age of five. Children may join the Nursery after their second birthday. They attend either half or full days until moving on to full-time school in Reception in the September following their fourth birthday. They then progress happily into Year 1.

*We are registered for Nursery Education Funding.

Updated February 2018