About Us


Brigidine Values

"We are Brigidine by name and Brigidine by nature"

Benevolence - Always be prepared to help those less able than ourselves, to accept into our community those that make life difficult for us, and to help enlighten them through our behaviour.

Respect - Respect for ourselves and for others, as we would have others respect us. Respect for the world around us and all that inhabit it. Respect the School, its Community and the trust invested between parents, pupils and the School.

Integrity - Be honest in your dealings with others, but above all be honest with yourself. Be worthy of trust and learn to trust others.

Graciousness - Respond to adversity with compassion, courtesy and mercy

Individuality - Support the needs of each student in order to help them achieve their full potential.

Diversity - Strive to embrace diversity be it gender, skin colour, religion, ethnicity, disability or any other human facet that is different from our own.

Inclusiveness -   To create and maintain a safe, secure and loving environment for all in our school community.

Nurturing - To always encourage the best out of ourselves and each other as well as providing support in the form of a strong moral compass for the students as they develop and grow towards adulthood.

Enrichment - To embrace a lifetime of learning through personal self development and to use our knowledge, experience, wisdom and sense of humanity with sincerity and modesty in our dealings with others.